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At Play It Safe, we believe playgrounds should be functional, safe, and aesthetically pleasing. Truly exceptional outdoor spaces are an extension of their natural surroundings, creating a connection to nature for children and adults alike.

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Designing spaces that incorporate natural landscape elements is a boon to the entire community. It provides children with a fun place to play, encouraging social interaction and creativity while helping to foster an appreciation for nature. For adults, elements like benches and shaded areas offer a quiet respite.


Award Winning Playground Design

To achieve these goals, we partner with landscape architects to create playgrounds that combine built and natural environments. Focusing on different themes, social interaction, active play, and quiet reflection helps us develop multi-purpose spaces that preserve natural areas and welcome people of all abilities.

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We share your vision for developing harmonious outdoor spaces that serve as destinations for people of all ages and abilities, bringing communities together while emphasizing the natural beauty of their surroundings. Your expertise in landscape design and our passion for fun are an ideal combination for designing and installing playgrounds uniquely suited for each community — on time and on budget. Let’s work together and create something special!

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Landscape Architect Projects

Children learn through play and gain incredible benefits that transcend the playground and last a lifetime. At Play It Safe, we take pride in working with architects to create playground sets where everyone can thrive and find the best of themselves through play. Contact us and we’ll help you build a play environment that supports your vision and helps kids develop physically, socially, emotionally and cognitively!

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Our Mission

Play It Safe was created to enhance parks and recreation spaces in Arizona and Southern Nevada. Our playground experts are passionate about creating outdoor play spaces that provide children of all ages a place to move, socialize, learn, create lifelong memories…and of course, have fun! We understand the positive impacts play and recreation provide and are committed to designing innovative and compelling spaces that unite communities and let kids be creative while having fun.

Our Products

Creating spaces that are safe, attractive, durable, and accessible means providing quality equipment from the biggest names in the industry. Play It Safe offers a wide selection of commercial playground equipment from trusted manufacturers like BCI Burke and quality site features including site furnishings, safety surfacing, playground shade, and more! To enhance the experience and make our spaces a point of pride for the entire community, we offer site amenities like benches, picnic tables, and more. We help create environments that are fun, customizable, and engaging for people of all ages and abilities. Learn more about our product lineup!

Design Inspiration

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CADdetails for BCI Burke

CADdetails are available here for the BCI Burke product line. View details for individual products, 3D models, and completed projects!


As we create new playgrounds for kids, we like to think we’re helping get children ready for the future. But it’s also important to create a future that’s ready for the kids. In other words, we have a critical role in ensuring that the world remains a safe and hospitable environment for generations to come. That’s why Play It Safe is committed to a wide range of initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, save energy, recycle materials and continually reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes.