4 children playing with a ball outside OUT is IN! Since 1985, the United States has officially recognized the importance of enjoying the outdoors, particularly in the local, regional, and national park systems. Jul 08, 2024
6 children runnning on the sand in a playground National Great Outdoors (GO) Month June is National Great Outdoors Month! The President and all 50 states encourage people to get outdoors and enjoy the many benefits in nature. Jun 23, 2024
Engineered wood fiber playground surfacing Child Abuse Prevention (by Design) April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month! Many forms of child abuse exist but our discussion focuses on playgrounds. Apr 14, 2024
Several people wearing green shirts holding a banner that reads "P3 We Did It!" in front of an outdoor playground and a crowd Parent Involvement Enhances Education In an age of professional qualifications, subliminally assigning agency to professional teachers, coaches, and school administrators is an easy step for busy parents to take. Many people perceive barriers between professional educators and family systems. Feb 24, 2024
Woman pushing 2 children on a swingset Significant Parenting! New parents often joke about the absence of an owner’s manual when their children are born. Advice from loved ones and friends (usually) is abundant, conflicting, and overwhelming to new parents. Experts provide volumes of research on parenting as well. Feb 17, 2024
Woman and little girl sitting on a blue and red park bench What is Leadership? Definitions of leadership are as numerous as there are people. Those who lead and those who are lead (which is all of us) fill in our individual “blanks” with preferences based on personal filters. Feb 11, 2024
Word cloud with the words Leadership, discipline, excellence, motivation, dedication, drive, heart, and passion February is National Parent Leadership Month! February is National Parent Leadership Month! This commemorative month celebrates and recognizes parents who lead in their families, schools, and communities. Feb 03, 2024
Children running down a grassy hill Participate! Finding ways to get active is as easy remembering 60-30: 60 minutes per day of activity for children and adolescents, 30 minutes per day for adults. Jan 27, 2024
Young child biting into a carrot Eat Healthy! Week two’s blog mentioned the alarming rise in obesity rates in the United States as measured from the early 1970s to 2008. Jan 21, 2024
People jumping in silhouette in a grassy field with butterflies in front of a colorful background Get Active! The numbers are in and they are staggering! Only 30% of children are active every day; less than 20% of adolescents get enough exercise Jan 13, 2024
6 children runnning on the sand in a playground National Family Fit Lifestyle Month: Parents’ Role in Modeling Family Fitness January is National Family Fit Lifestyle Month! This is a unique time to understand the significance of the family dynamic in the development of children’s’ attitudes toward fitness. Jan 05, 2024
Large playground shade canopy structure over a colorful map of the United States Is your playground shade structure padded? The end of summer means cooler temperatures, shorter days, and of course back to school! While back to school conjures up images of backpacks and school supplies to our kids, it means fun with friends on the school playground! Aug 30, 2023