Leisure Craft

Leisure Craft Inc. is a furnishing manufacturer with full metal and wood fabrication lines to produce furnishings and fixtures for a wide variety of customers. Founded in 1979, Leisure Craft has continued to grow and now occupies over 100,000 sq. ft. of manufacturing and office space in Henderson County, North Carolina.

Their main line of commercial outdoor furniture is sold throughout the United States through national chains and an extensive dealer network. Their customer base encompasses:
  • US Military
  • Schools
  • Businesses
  • Churches
  • Hospitals
  • Resorts
  • Campgrounds
  • State and City government agencies

Paris Equipment

Paris Equipment Manufacturing Limited is committed to Creating Lasting Impressions within your parks and green spaces. They offer several site furnishing products including benches, litter receptacles, picnic tables, bike racks and more. To ensure that you have nothing but the best site furnishings, Paris Equipment Manufacturing Limited takes great pride in their unique designs and strict quality control process.

Paris Equipment Manufacturing Limited develops site furnishings for many different applications including parks, municipalities, hospitals, universities, business parks and other public spaces. They are dedicated to protecting the environment and utilize highly recyclable materials, with no PVC or lead used in the manufacturing process.


Premier Polysteel

Premier Polysteel manufactures 100% plastic coated steel outdoor furniture and amenities. Their products include picnic tables, benches, waste receptacles, planters, bike racks, and bench swings. They are continually adding new styles and products to their line of furniture and amenities in their desire to please customers. All their products are completely plastisol coated (frames and legs included) with a thick UV stabilized, mold and mildew resistant plastisol coating that is compliant with worldwide standards. Premier Polysteel is committed to being an environmentally conscious company and recognizes the importance of being committed to continually finding ways to support our environment. Premier Polysteel has been in the plastisol coated steel business since 1976.

The chief advantages of Premier Polysteel outdoor furniture is its quality, the durability of the completely plastisol coated heavy duty steel and their customer service.


Halsey Taylor

Halsey Taylor offers a wide array of drinking fountains in a variety of styles and finishes. They provide water coolers or drinking fountains for just about any application. Halsey’s vast ADA Compliant offering includes contemporary styles and classic shapes, two-station units and outdoor fountains, plus models with a hands-free electronic sensor.

Halsey Taylor also offers outdoor water coolers ideal for Golf Course applications, vandal-resistant water coolers for schools, parks and shopping centers, the timeless appeal of nostalgic cast iron fountains, and floor-mounted and wall-mounted coolers and fountains in a variety of shapes and styles.


Percussion Play

Percussion Play has created a diverse group of outdoor musical instruments which make perfect additions to an abundance of settings. Percussion Play instruments make musical expression accessible to everyone, everywhere. There is no need for musical direction and any combination of our musical instruments can be played together harmoniously, these are enjoyable and attractive musical instruments which you’ll want to come back and play again and again.

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