Sports Equipment

Gared Sports Equipment

Much has changed in sports over the years. Games are now faster, more intense, and competitive. As the games have changed, Gared has met these challenges, by constantly improving the design, strength and durability of their sports equipment. They continue to build on past expertise while shaping the future of the sports they serve. Their sports equipment is found in a variety of venues; in pro-arenas and universities across the world, school yards, parks, high school gymnasiums, both in big cities and small towns, and in the driveways and home courts of people who recognize the value of reliability and product quality.

Gared is a supporting member of many prominent domestic organizations as well as international governing bodies for sports. In addition, their products meet the safety guidelines of the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), and they continually strive to lower their carbon footprint through sustainable design and recycling of raw materials.

From ringside to courtside, Gared has been creating winning play environments and building champions for over 90 years. Longevity in the sports market is a rarity, but Gared‘s legacy has endured by creating quality sporting goods equipment for athletes of all ages.