Skate Parks

While once practiced by only a few, today skateboarding has exploded to become one of the most popular, and fastest growing recreational activities for children, teens and families.

Your skatepark will prove to be a safe venue that is one of your most popular community destinations. Many current parks are even producing revenue for their communities.

The promise is simple…Ramparts will help you build a top quality recreational area that will be a tremendous addition for your community. They utilize an array of professional skaters and industry experts to ensure optimum safety, fun, durability, expandability and aesthetic appeal in every project they take on.

Skate parks are available in either 7 gauge galvanized steel or traction-friendly skatelite. Compare the durability of Ramparts skate parks to either concrete or wood… imagine the lowest possible maintenance combined with vandal resistance. The choice is clear; for durability, safety, and maximum skateboarding fun, it has to be Ramparts.

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