TriActive America

TriActive America has been revolutionizing outdoor exercise since 2002, the year we started the dynamic outdoor fitness equipment industry in North America. Like an indoor gym, the equipment is designed to help improve strength, endurance and flexibility, but combines these benefits with the natural boost users get from being outdoors.

Designed and built to withstand the elements, the equipment is easy to install, virtually maintenance free, uses no electricity, and comes with a substantial warranty. Our installed Fitness Zones are typically FREE for users and have communities saying good-bye to the high cost of indoor gym memberships.

TriActive Fitness equipment is built in the USA and is ideal for City Parks, State Parks, County Parks, Rec. & Park Districts, and Townships. The equipment is fun, easy to use, safe, and provides an immediate solution in helping communities battle obesity.

We manufacture more than 55 different products that have been installed in over 650 locations. Our premium E-Line Fitness Equipment, and TriActive Fitness Equipment concentrate on strength, cardio, balance, and flexibility training. We’ve designed the first ever outdoor Wheelchair-Accessible Equipment to round out our offerings.

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