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Metal Shade Structures

From humble beginnings, civil engineer James Ritter founded RCP Shelters in 1957. His vision was to provide superior quality construction materials at competitive prices. RCP continues this tradition today as a small, third generation, family-owned business. Today, RCP is the industry’s most diverse shelter manufacturer. They offer a variety of pre-engineered structures available in laminated wood, tube steel, and fabric. Their products have been used for numerous purposes, such as:

  • Gazebos, Pavilions, and Shelters
  • Amphitheaters & Band shells
  • Dugouts
  • Carousel Covers
  • Playground Covers
  • Mini Shelters & Kiosks
  • Trellis, Arbor, and Pergola designs
  • Enclosed, Concession, and Restroom Shelters

Each project is individually engineered to meet or exceed local building code and loading conditions. Their flexible designs have met 265 psf snow loads in the Rocky Mountains and 150 mph wind loads in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Whether your next project is small or large, custom or standard, RCP can provide a shelter that meets your needs.

RCP’s engineers are licensed and certified in all 50 states and Canada. Each project is individually engineered to meet or exceed local building code and conditions. RCP’s fabrication facilities are AITC and AISC certified. Their welders and inspectors are AWS certified for guaranteed quality. RCP’s sanitary designs eliminate all places for birds or animals to roost.

RCP’s steel designs utilize concealed bolted connections that do not require field welding, resulting in lower installation costs. Unlike inferior designs, RCP does not use inexpensive exposed fasteners. RCP’s tube steel gable frames are designed as shop welded assemblies, thus reducing installation costs and resulting in a more aesthetically pleasing appearance by eliminating exposed bolts and access hole cover plates.

RCP’s tube steel purlins and tension ring members are designed normal to the roof, lowering installation cost by eliminating the need for unsightly roof deck support members. RCP’s steel ornamentation is precision plasma cut from high strength, durable plate steel. RCP’s powdercoating facility shot blasts, phosphate washes, powdercoat primes, and powdercoat finishes steel members using super durable polyester TGIC powder. RCP’s standard powder coating finish surpasses the industry standard for salt spray resistance by 2,000 hours after passing an independent 5,000 hours salt spray resistance test with exceptional results. RCP’s cupolas are shop assembled for simple field installation, resulting in significantly lower installation costs and increased quality.

RCP’s standard steel column fixed moment base design utilizes concrete to conceal the anchor bolts, which lowers material and installation costs. Inferior designs require a column access hole and cover plate that is easily removed by vandals, exposing the unprotected interior of the column to corrosion. RCP’s standard tongue and groove roof deck is #1 grade nominal  2” x 8”, which requires fewer runs than 2” x 6”, resulting in lower installation costs.

RCP’s 50+ year legacy continues as a third generation, family owned business. RCP’s industry leading customer service remains unsurpassed. Their dedicated staff has the knowledge and experience to assist with your projects’ requirements in a timely manner.

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Fabric Shade Structures

Arizona has some of the hottest temperatures in the United States therefore, it is vital to provide shade to protect children from the harsh rays of the sun. Providing shade structures for playground equipment also increases the lifespan of playground equipment and reduces the temperature of the steel playground equipment which in turn allows longer outdoor play time during the summer. Playground equipment shade, or shade over swing sets, sand pits or any other day care center outdoor area that requires shade will benefit from shade structure applications. Park and Recreational departments find a multitude of uses for shade structures at city parks. Shade structures instantly transform a dry arid park into an oasis of comfort and pleasure for park visitors. Garden structures for shade environments encourage visitors to stay longer and to make use of the various facilities offered by the City.

There are a variety of models and shapes to fit your shade needs. Choose from 4 post shade structures or shade sails to offer maximum sun protection for your organization. The hip shade structure is one of the most popular shade structure options available, not only due to its architectural functionality but also because of the cost effectiveness of this particular fabric architectural shade design. Hip shade canopies may be used as a free standing shade structure or by interlocking to increase shade footprint using shared shade structure steel posts.


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